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Nail Trimming

Nail Trimming A-La-Carte for Dogs

  • 10 min
  • 20 US dollars
  • Paws And Reflect Pet Grooming Salon

Service Description

Our nail care service includes a cut and file.* Cutting the nails helps with your dog’s posture and gait, and grinding smooths out the rough edges to reduce scratches and leaves nails rounded. Each pet is different, but generally we recommend a nail trim every 4 weeks to maintain healthy nails. Nail care is so important for all dogs! If a dog’s nails are overgrown, it will change the way they stand (posture) and the way they walk (gait). This can cause long-term damage to joints, ligaments, and tendons. It can lead to chronic inflammation, arthritis, and injury. Long toenails can splay or split causing pain. They can make it difficult to grip on hard surfaces, such as linoleum or hardwood flooring. This can easily lead to injury if your pup is playing or running on slick surfaces, or nails catching on rough surfaces. Having to adjust the way your dog stands and moves can also affect how your dog perceives their environment. Dog’s pads have sensory receptors that help them understand where they are in relation to the ground. When they have to change their gait, their brains can’t interpret the signals appropriately, which can cause them to be uncomfortable or scared. We generally recommend nail trimming on a monthly basis (every 4 weeks). This varies from pet to pet as many factors can affect nails, from age, activity, breed and more. Some pets need nail trims as quickly as 1-2 weeks, and some pets can go as long as 6-8 weeks in between. *Groomers have the right to halt service for any reason (ie; behavior unsafe for dog or groomer, too stressful for pet, health concerns, etc.). All pricing is an estimate and additional charges may apply as needed (pet age and disposition, special handling, etc).

Contact Details

  • N116W16330 Main Street, Germantown, WI, USA


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